Westlite Tuas


Westlite Tuas 
90 Tuas South Avenue 9, Singapore 637397

Gross Floor Area: 55,995 sqm
Land Area:  40,349 sqm
Tel: (65) 6899 9988 


Acquired in February 2012, Westlite Tuas (also known as Westlite Tuas Lodge I) is located at 90 Tuas South Avenue 9 and is one of the largest workers accommodation in Singapore with approximately 8,600 beds.

This asset is a purpose built workers accommodation under a 3+3+3 year lease from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) with a remaining lease of approximately 2 years (expiry April 2017) and accommodates only workers from the construction industry. 

The accommodation is equipped with comprehensive facilities and well thought-out furnishing and fittings that set it apart from other workers accommodation. It provides single-deck beds and each room is equipped with an LCD television. Residents are able to prepare meals with hygienic communal kitchen facilities. Free WIFI internet access is also made available throughout the premises, enabling residents to surf the internet at their convenience. Other on-site services available include a canteen and a minimart and a laundromat to cater to the residents’ daily needs. 

It was awarded the prestigious BCA Green Mark Gold Award in 2010, in recognition of its ecofriendly design and features such as optimal use of natural light, greywater recycling and usage of sustainable construction materials which improve energy and water efficiency. These key green features and innovation improve energy and water efficiency, achieve environmental protection and assist the workers accommodation in maintaining a high indoor environmental quality for its residents.


Supermarket, foodcourt, handphone shop, laundry services, hot water dispenser at common dining area, free WIFI, ATM, indoor gym, games room, reading room, TV room, music room, outdoor basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw and street soccer courts, outdoor fitness corner and sick bay.

IMAGE: Westlite Tuas

Westlite Tuas